Sculpted in Our Image, Forged in Our Minds

DEC 8, 2021 — FEB 5, 2022

Inspired by the myth of the golem and the robot, both reflections of humanity’s dreams and simulations, the exhibition will explore what we can learn about our world and relationships to others from simulated realities. Eroding the dichotomy of the physical and the virtual, this exhibition explores the dreams and simulations of the computer age, and how they attempt to imagine new methods of digital co-existence, with the aim of envisioning more equitable, diverse, and safe futures online.

Through virtual environments, digital beings, and generative simulations, curator Tristan Sauer and artists Sarah Boo, Mads Brimble, Benjamin Chang, Cezar Mocan, and Andy Wallace explore the parallels between our dreams and simulations, and the wider implications between our physical and digital worlds.